The Food Movement has been making incredible progress in recent years, but it’s surprising how little of that is coming from corporate or governmental help. In fact, people in communities all across the country are making their own stands by creating community gardens, farmers markets, co-ops, front-yard/back-yard gardens, and artisan-made hyper-local deliciousness.

The trend isn’t going anywhere, and in our opinion this trend is the saving grace to a global food market that is lost, unstable, and unhealthy. What makes more sense in terms of ensuring stability than starting with where our food comes from?

This is thought that is the driving force in Eatfindr. Knowledge of where our food comes from, who and what went into creating it, how the animals and land were treated, and how it was thoughtfully prepared. The quality of the food we consume is directly responsible for the welfare of our bodies, and the health of our environment. People understand this more than ever, and Eatfindr is a tool to connect people to that quality food.

Thank you for coming to our site and learning more. Please, check us out on your smart phone or Windows 8 desktop and help spread the word for the restaurants in your area that are doing things right. Viva la Good Food Movement!