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Windows 8 ‘Social Good’ Contest Helps Startup Change Local Food Systems

The following piece by Cameron Preston, co-founder of Eatfindr, was originally published on the Huffington Post Small Business blog  on Wednesday, April 3rd.  NetSquared, an initiative which aids individuals and communities in using web-based tools, recently hosted their first ever “Social Good Contest ” for apps developed for Windows 8. Sponsored by Microsoft , the contest “encourages developers to make a difference in

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An Interesting Period in the Food Movement

The Food Movement has been making incredible progress in recent years, but it’s surprising how little of that is coming from corporate or governmental help. In fact, people in communities all across the country are making their own stands by creating community gardens, farmers markets, co-ops, front-yard/back-yard gardens, and artisan-made hyper-local deliciousness. The trend isn’t

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