It is with great pleasure to announce that Eatfindr has won the Social Good Contest for Windows 8!

The Contest was organized by NetSquared, an initiative which aids individuals and communities in using web-based tools, and sponsored by Microsoft to be focused on apps that were using technology to create an impact in the world. We are very proud to say that the impact Eatfindr has made by creating this tool has been recognized! Further reinforcing the fact people are striving to create a healthier food system with more open access to where food comes from, how it’s grown, and how it’s prepared.

Winning the contest came with a cash prize of $15K which will go a long in way in supporting the further development of the apps, opening the door to Eatfindr Web, and allowing us further our iOS development.

Thank you so much NetSquared for holding the contest, and Microsoft for sponsoring!

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