Welcome to Eatfindr!

Eatfindr is a mobile app for people with food allergies and dietary concerns. Our goal is to provide you with the ideal dining out experience, one that is in line with your conscience, diet and health.

Food is about more than hunger

  • Do you care about improving your diet and the Earth?

    Latest research and common sense are finally in sync. Research is confirming our yearning of food like our ancestors. How foods are grown, how animals live, what chemicals are absorbed. It all matters.

  • New to Gluten Free?

    Eatfindr strives to inform you of the best allergen-friendly restaurants nearby. It’s always important to ask questions and let the restaurant know of your needs, we just nudge in the right direction.

  • Empower a community when eating out.

    We believe to help strengthen a community it’s important to eat the food grown within the community. To do your part, eat organic, humanely-raised, locally-sourced food when possible.

  • One allergen leads to another

    Having one allergen is enough, but why is it so easy to have more sensitivities than you can shake a stick at? We understand this frustrating reality. See how we help you find restaurants that cater to all allergens needs.

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